Fund Directors Should Use Board-Dedicated Email and Devices, Asset Management Partner Paulita Pike Stresses in Fund Board Views

In The News
April 11, 2019

In an article published by Fund Board Views on April 10 titled Do fund directors need board-dedicated email, devices?asset management partner Paulita Pike discusses the importance for mutual fund directors to use board-dedicated email and devices. In the piece Ms. Pike outlines that she advises the boards with which she works to set up board-dedicated email addresses and, more importantly, to use the adviser-issued iPad only for board-related work—even if carrying two iPads is a hassle. "I don't think it's widely done, [but] I also don't know if directors understand what the implications are of using a personal email address," she told Fund Board Views. "If there's a lawsuit and there's discovery of director emails, there's a request for any and all correspondence."