Law360 Quotes Asset Management Partner Mark Nuccio on OMB Memo Regarding White House Regulatory Reviews

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April 15, 2019
Capital Insights.

An April 12 article published by Law360 titled “OMB Memo Seen As Power Play For Tighter Agency Gripreports on a recent memo sent by the Office of Management and Budget that requires all federal agencies to clear their rules and guidance through a White House regulatory review process. Insights from asset management partner Mark Nuccio are featured in the piece. “This memo is just another effort on the part of the administration to get its hands around regulatory issues that are otherwise fairly decentralized with the agencies,” Mr. Nuccio said. And if regulations emerge that the White House views as inconsistent with its deregulatory agenda or otherwise doesn’t like, Thursday’s memo provides “a lever that can be used to moderate that activity if need be,” Mr. Nuccio continued.