Asset Management Partner Paulita Pike Discusses Regulatory Challenges for Asset Managers and Cybersecurity Risks in Two Ignites Videos

In The News
May 2, 2019

In an Ignites video interview at the 2019 ICI Mutual Funds and Investment Management Conference in San Diego, asset management partner Paulita Pike discusses regulatory challenges that the industry and asset managers are currently facing.  “The industry and asset managers are under a great deal of pressure,” Ms. Pike states. “The profit margins pressures are being felt at the same time that there are continued increased regulatory burdens. And so the biggest challenge, I think, is to keep up with the regulatory requirements, the expectations of asset managers, including with respect to their fiduciary duties, the technology demands that are imposed by them through cyber-security concerns or data privacy concerns, at the same time that profit margins are decreasing. And it's a bit of a juggling act.”

In a second video also taken at the Conference, Ms. Pike discusses how asset managers are refining how they manage potential cybersecurity risks coming from third-party service providers and vendors, noting that she has “seen an evolution … towards a more thoughtful and sophisticated approach.”

Ms. Pike was also quoted in a Compliance Reporter article published on May 1 titled “What fund leaders need to know about the SEC’s new cyber sweep,” which highlights that new risks continue to emerge in the cybersecurity space.