In The Wall Street Journal’s Pro Private Equity Asset Management Partner Isabel Dische Discusses the Secondaries Market

In The News
May 16, 2019

The Wall Street Journal’s Pro Private Equity discusses how strategy diversification, along with a boom in secondary deal volume and strong performance from managers, contributed to a “golden era” for secondary fundraising, in their latest survey on the secondaries market.

Their latest survey of secondary buyers, Guide to the Secondary Market Buyer Survey—“State of the Secondary Market,” 2019 edition, outlines that around 20% of this year’s survey respondents characterized their most recent fundraising process as “very easy,” compared with just 9% of respondents to a similar survey in 2017.

Insights from asset management partner Isabel Dische are included in a feature titled Diversification, Volume and Performance Power Secondary Fundraising Boom,” published on May 15. “The appetite is there, and many of those funds have good performance,” said Ms. Dische. “Even the startup funds coming to market, which are spinout teams [from established firms], have the benefit of good track records.”