In BoardIQ, Asset Management Partner Thomas Hiller Discusses SEC Scrutiny of Underlying Fund Products

In The News
June 5, 2019

Many funds are taking issue with the SEC’s request concerning underlying products, reports BoardIQ on June 4, in a piece titled “Funds Bristle at SEC Request About Underlying Products.” While regulatory disputes over fund disclosures rarely make their way to fund boards, management may advise directors of such wrangling if the back and forth continues for a long period or becomes more heated, the article reports.

Remarks from asset management partner and specialty group co-head Thomas Hiller are included in the piece. “At a very high level, fund directors may have an interest where the funds they oversee are continuing to push back on SEC staff requests,” Mr. Hiller says. “But ordinarily, routine interactions about fund disclosure are too in the weeds for boards,” he adds.