Asset Management Partner Brian McCabe featured in Bloomberg’s Weekly ETF Brief

In The News
July 8, 2019

 A July 3 article titled “Could Your Mutual Fund Turn Into an ETF?” in Bloomberg’s “Weekly Brief: ETF” features a transcript from a recent television interview with asset management partner Brian McCabe. The interview, hosted by Taylor Riggs on Bloomberg ETF IQ, focused on the “Precidian” model, the legality surrounding non-transparent funds and the possible conversion of mutual funds to exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Bloomberg ETF IQ is the first and only show solely focusing on the opportunities, risks, and current events in the ETFs industry. Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu and Eric Balchunas are joined by leaders in this market, providing intelligence to financial advisers and investors of ETFs. To watch the full June 26 broadcast, including Mr. McCabe’s insights, click here.