On Bloomberg TV Asset Management Partner Brian McCabe Discusses Mutual Fund to ETF Conversions

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July 1, 2019

On June 26, asset management partner Brian McCabe was a featured guest on Bloomberg TV’s “ETF IQ” show. The discussion, hosted by Bloomberg's Taylor Riggs, focused on the "Precidian" model, the legality surrounding nontransparent funds and possibility of mass conversion of mutual funds to ETFs. 

Bloomberg ETF IQ is the first and only show solely focusing on the opportunities, risks, and current events in the ETFs industry. Bloomberg's Scarlet Fu and Eric Balchunas are joined by leaders in this market, providing intelligence to financial advisers and investors of ETFs. To watch the full June 26 broadcast, click here

A May 31 segment on Bloomberg TV’s Markets program also cited a client alert co-authored by Mr. McCabe titled “Converting Traditional Open-End Funds into ETFs” which provided an overview of the key considerations in converting an existing traditional open-end fund into an ETF.