Asset Management Counsel Charlie Humphreville Discusses Cryptocurrency Funds In FundFire

In The News
January 10, 2020

An article published by FundFire on Jan. 8 titled “Crypto Hedge Fund Closures Mount as Early Buzz Stalls” includes insights from asset management counsel Charlie Humphreville on cryptocurrency funds.

The challenges facing cryptocurrency funds, especially around finding qualified custodians, have remained the same for several years, said Charlie in the piece. At a high level, the market has moved away from open-end fund launches to close-end fund launches, particularly in venture capital funds, Charlie adds.

The article also notes how most institutional investors are still taking a wait-and-see approach. “There is still a lot of interest on the investor side of gaining some kind of exposure to the top tokens out there,” Charlie says. “For now, they have issues with custody, and there are fewer offerings than there probably is demand for.”