Securities & Futures Enforcement Practice Co-Head Dan O’Connor Quoted in Hedge Fund Alert’s Regulatory Roundup

In The News
August 26, 2020

Insights from securities & futures enforcement practice co-head Dan O’Connor are included in Hedge Fund Alert’s midyear Regulatory Roundup. The roundup includes an overview of U.S. Supreme Court’s June affirmation that the SEC has statutory authority to seek the repayment of profits from fraudulent activity. While the case involved general fraud, the ruling would apply to any situation in which the disgorgement remedy is applied, said Dan. That would include insider-trading cases, he added.

The feature also outlines insights by Dan on how the SEC has become more aggressive in enforcing insider-trading regulations, particularly in the work-from-home era.. The agency is “really challenging hedge funds to make sure their systems around the prevention of insider trading are strong,” he said.