Litigation Partner Ama Adams Discusses The CFIUS 2019 Report In Private Funds CFO

In The News
September 21, 2020

An Aug. 24 article by Private Funds CFO titled “New enforcer in town: An emboldened CFIUS” reviews The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States’ (CFIUS) 2019 report, highlighting its upgraded resources and stronger enforcement focus. Insights from litigation partner Ama Adams are included in the article. 

“CFIUS is definitely taking the opportunity of increased resources and budget to reach out to a range of companies and institutional investors about particular investments that were not notified to them,” says Ama in the piece. 

“The report shows that investors in US businesses are generally not willing to take the risk and would prefer to get clearance for transactions on the record, rather than leave the door open for CFIUS to come knocking after a transaction has closed,” Ama adds.