In Law360, Attorneys Evaluate University of Colorado Sports Betting Sponsorship and NCAA Challenges

In The News
October 8, 2020

The University of Colorado recently announced that its athletic program has entered into a corporate sponsorship agreement with PointsBet, an online sportsbook. This arrangement could present some significant challenges for the National Collegiate Athletic Association as it continues to address the rapid growth of sports betting in the U.S. 

In Law360, litigation & enforcement partner Christopher Conniff (New York) explains that sponsorship agreements with sportsbooks, while potentially lucrative, will also present significant compliance and integrity issues. Specifically, college athletic departments will need to adopt additional protocols to maintain game integrity and adherence to NCAA sports-betting rules. 

The authors note that the University of Colorado's partnership with PointsBet has the potential to usher in a new relationship between major college sports and sports betting. But such relationships are not without risk.