The Private Equity Law Report Quotes Asset Management Partner Jason Brown on Independent Valuation Firms Used By PE Funds

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October 26, 2020

A three-part series published by The Private Equity Law Report examines the use of independent valuation firms by PE funds. Insights from asset management partner Jason Brown are included in the series.

The first article, published on Sept. 29 titled “Independent Valuation Firms: As Scrutiny of Valuations Grows Throughout the Industry, so Does Their Importance (Part One of Three)discusses why scrutiny of valuations by investors, auditors, GPs and regulatory agencies has increased of late, prompting the increased use of independent valuation firms.

The second article published on Oct. 6 titled Independent Valuation Firms: Rising Prominence of Third‑Party Valuations and Factors to Consider When Engaging a Firm (Part Two of Three)” delves into the rise of independent valuation firms, different scopes of work and ways managers can choose the right firm to conduct valuations.

The third article published on Oct. 13 titled “Independent Valuation Firms: Tips for Overseeing the Process and Resolving Disputes Over Conflicting Valuations (Part Three of Three)” explores the typical process of working with and overseeing a valuation firm, as well as approaches to resolving disagreements over valuations.