In InvestmentNews, Asset Management Counsel Charlie Humphreville Discusses Cryptocurrency Custody Issues

In The News
December 21, 2020

A Dec. 11 InvestmentNews article titled Lawmakers want SEC to clarify how brokers can hold digital securitiesdiscusses how lawmakers want the SEC to clarify how brokers can hold digital securities. Insights from asset management counsel Charlie Humphreville are included in the piece. 

If the SEC doesn’t clarify how brokers can hold digital securities, it could undermine their use in the U.S., said Charlie. “There should be concern that without guidance from regulators, leaders in the blockchain industry may look overseas for jurisdictions where there is more certainty,” said Charlie, who recently participated in his law firm’s podcast about cryptocurrency custody. 

“People think that a Democratic commission is going to be less inclined to adopt regulations clarifying the treatment of cryptocurrencies,” Charlie said. “They expect the focus to be on other priorities.”