Zach Coseglia Discusses Artificial Intelligence and Compliance in Part Two of Anti-Corruption Report Series

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December 3, 2020

In the second installment of a multi-part series examining artificial intelligence for anti-corruption compliance, The Anti-Corruption Report explores how to build an AI tool. Zach Coseglia, managing principal and head of innovation at R&G Insights Lab, is quoted. Speaking about the need for compliance professionals to work with software engineers on technical analysis of information, Zach said, “Lawyers, auditors and investigators have a tremendous amount of subject matter expertise about how things can go wrong but, in order to actually build a model, there need to be people with technical expertise on the team. A compliance department might not have people with the right technical expertise, but there may be people elsewhere in the organization with the right skill set that can help,” he advised. Read more about R&G Insights Lab.


Zachary N. Coseglia
Managing Principal and Head of Innovation of R&G Insights Lab
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