In Law360 Tom Bulleit Analyzes 2021 Health Policies Under the Biden Administration

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January 5, 2021
Thomas N. Bulleit

In a Law360 2021 outlook article, health care partner Tom Bulleit (Washington, D.C.) addresses whether President-elect Joseph R. Biden will follow certain of President Trump’s health care policy priorities. 

Assuming the U.S. Supreme Court upholds the Affordable Care Act, Tom anticipates a rollback of Trump administration policies that have been described as undermining Obamacare. As an example, he stated that he expects the end to a Trump administration policy that allows short-term, limited-duration health insurance policies — which are inexpensive because they lack all of the required ACA benefits — to be purchased for 12-month terms and renewed for up to three years. 

Regarding drug pricing, Tom notes the Trump administration most-favored nation rule on certain Medicare prescription drugs is facing at least four legal challenges and has already been blocked at least temporarily. He expects the Biden administration may let that proceed, rather than move to undo the rule. 

Tom also noted that he thought it likely that the Administration’s restrictions on discussion of abortion at Title X family planning clinics was likely to be walked back.


Thomas N. Bulleit
Thomas N. Bulleit
Retired Partner