In Bloomberg Law, Attorneys Analyze Potential Costs of Reshoring Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

In The News
April 9, 2021

The Covid-19 pandemic has increased the scrutiny directed at the fragility of the nation’s supply chain for medical products. Acute shortages of critical medical products, including pharmaceuticals and other key medical supplies, have forced the U.S. to take a hard look at short- and long-term solutions to supply chain vulnerabilities. Many have called for the government to prioritize reshoring efforts.  

In a Bloomberg Law article, the authors advise careful consideration of the full range of consequences that could flow from such action, and whether reshored manufacturing will be sustainable for the long-term.

The article was authored by health care partner Margaux Hall, life sciences regulatory & compliance partner and chair Greg Levine, counsel Beth Weinman and associate Jenna McCarthy (all of Washington, D.C.).