On One Moment Podcast, Jennifer Rikoski Talks About Asylum and Refugee Leadership

In The News
June 7, 2022

Benefits partner and pro bono co-chair Jennifer Rikoski talked about leading asylum and refugee work for over 15 years on the One Moment podcast. Jenny has helped hundreds of individuals seek asylum in the United States, leading Ropes & Gray’s immigration and asylum pro bono efforts. “Over time, my interest in immigration work has essentially paralleled with what’s happening in the world – from Iraq to Afghanistan and Syria after the Arab spring,” she told the podcast. “I started working with kids who were coming over the U.S. border unaccompanied around 2010 and 2011, and then I worked on a number of DACA cases – deferred action for childhood arrivals.” 

She continued: “In the last few years, the experience in immigration crisis situations has meant that when other things have happened in the U.S. related to our immigration policies, it’s just become an extension of who I am and the work I’m able to do to respond to those crises.”

Listen to the interview.