In Strategic CIO 360, Zachary Coseglia Discusses the Role of the CIO and IT Departments in Advancing ESG

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August 23, 2022

In an increasingly technological and data-driven world, the CIO is continuously broadening their responsibilities in the strategic decision of an organization. Strategic CIOs are also now considered the keystone in a company’s successful environmental, social and governance (ESG) program.

Managing principal and co-leader of R&G Insights Lab Zachary Coseglia told Strategic CIO 360, “The CIO may not be the one establishing ESG key performance indicators, but they are more than likely in charge of setting the data strategies and supporting the collection and measurement of the ESG data. Fortunately, more and more CIOs have teams staffed with data scientists to do the ESG analyses.”

The CIO is entrusted with developing the systems and tools to collect, scrub, analyze, verify, and report the organization’s ESG data, and increasingly viewed as the person with the right competencies and reach to tie the entire ESG process together.

“Data and technology have become a huge part of how business is done today, and the CIO is at the forefront in managing how work is done … and how where the risks are materializing,” Coseglia said.


Zachary N. Coseglia
Managing Principal and Head of Innovation of R&G Insights Lab
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