In Corporate Crime Reporter, Hui Chen Discusses the State of Corporate Compliance

In The News
September 8, 2022

In an interview with Corporate Crime Reporter, R&G Insights Lab senior advisor Hui Chen discusses what contributes to an effective and well-designed ethics and compliance program.

According to Hui, numerous factors within a company can hinder the success and capability of a compliance program, such as lack of resources, poor design, or a culture that fails to prioritize ethics. These issues mean only a “minority” of the programs implemented are satisfactory. “If they are lucky… compliance officers are working within organizations that give them the resources they need, and support them in the activities they want to initiate.”

The one trait Hui consistently observes that indicates promise of a better corporate program, “is that [the compliance officers] are never satisfied with their programs. [They don’t] ask for the moon. They ask for what they can justify, what is realistic and what makes sense.”