David Peloquin Profiled in Yale Law School Today on Alumni Tackling Health Law Issues Impacting Society

In The News
October 26, 2022

Yale Law School Today profiled health care partner David Peloquin in an article on alumni tacking health law issues impacting society.

David explains that his greatest challenge in recent years has been keeping up with the ever-evolving legal landscape for health care clients during the COVID-19 pandemic. His greatest reward, however, has been helping clients navigate the legal and regulatory complexities created by the pandemic so that they can develop diagnostic products, vaccines, and therapeutics for COVID-19 and other emerging diseases, such as monkeypox.

David also addresses his longstanding work at the intersection of clinical research and data privacy.  Looking forward, David hopes the continued development of domestic and international data privacy laws can take into account the importance of using personal data for biomedical research purposes. He observes that a lot of important biomedical research is being stymied by concerns over whether the research can be done in a manner that complies with increasingly stringent laws on data privacy. Safeguarding personal data is important, but David notes that privacy laws should be tailored to provide a pathway for biomedical research that can serve the public good.