The Washington Post quoted Jennifer Cormier on California’s New Pay Transparency Law

In The News
October 6, 2022

Employment and executive compensation partner Jennifer Cormier discussed with The Washington Post a new California law that will require companies with 15 or more employees to list job salary ranges for new and existing positions. The story noted the new law follows a growing push in the U.S. to make pay more transparent, which is an important measure in combating gender and racial pay gaps. 

Jen said California employers should see this as “an opportunity to identify and correct potential disparities that they had not previously focused on.” Employers that had not previously been working to address pay inequality issues should consult legal counsel or conduct pay equity audits to make sure they are in compliance with the new law. 

There are potential upsides to pay transparency in a competitive labor market. “Ultimately, employers who embrace pay transparency could also potentially better attract top talent and increase employee morale,” Jen added.