In The Wall Street Journal, Brian Blais Discusses Volume of Data Involved in DOJ Investigations

In The News
November 29, 2022

A recent piece in The Wall Street Journal examined how prosecutors for the U.S. Department of Justice are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the amount of data gathered as evidence in investigations. Lengthy paper trails collected from emails, chats, text messaging, and other digital media, have left prosecutors swamped and the department considering bringing fewer matters to investigation.

Litigation & enforcement partner Brian Blais, who previously served as Assistant United States Attorney in the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York, routinely told prosecutors  “to consider whether additional evidence, such as phones or social-media accounts, were necessary in routine gun-possession cases.”

“It was always a question of thinking about how it helps your case versus the later burden and potential for tripping up on discovery violations,” he said.