Attorneys Co-author 2022 Overview of Commercial Real Estate in the U.S.

In The News
January 31, 2023

Managing partner David Djaha, real estate counsel Laurie Nelson, and associates Matthew Schryver, Justin Kaufman, and Nicholas Bebirian co-authored a broad analysis of commercial real estate trends in the United States over the past year. This Q&A guide from Thomson Reuters Practical Law is updated yearly.

The piece gives a “high level overview” of trends in the commercial real estate market, significant deals, and investment structures, noting that while the “pandemic continued to impact the US real estate market generally, it was not the only source of instability and concern for commercial real estate markets in 2022. Other factors, including geopolitical events, inflation, interest rates, and the general threat of a recession, also weighed heavily on investors, developers, and lenders.”