In a PEI Special Report on Healthcare Deals Carolyn Vardi and Neill Jakobe Discuss Opportunities and Innovation

In The News
July 10, 2023

In a Q&A with Private Equity International, private equity attorneys Carolyn Vardi and Neill Jakobe discussed the current deal landscape for healthcare assets highlighting healthcare technology companies and businesses with access to data as demand drivers. Any business or product that enhances efficiency is seen as an attractive asset especially during a period of rising cost, according to the two attorneys.

Carolyn elaborated on the challenges healthcare technology deals are facing as interest rate rise and financing becomes hard to come by. “The market is becoming more creative with what that looks like, with much less onus on the syndicated lending markets and much more junior capital, preferred equity, structured capital and direct lending,” said Carolyn.

Neill provided thoughts on the exit market and evolving deal volume saying the exit market remains strong for good assets and investors are feeling pressure to begin investing again. “There is more than $3 trillion of private equity capital sitting on the sidelines that needs to start getting deployed.”