Regina Sam Penti Examines AI Uses and Challenges for Legal and Governance Teams in IR Magazine and Corporate Secretary

In The News
August 2, 2023

In an Investor Relations (IR) Magazine and Corporate Secretary article, intellectual property transactions and technology partner Regina Sam Penti analyzed the uses and risks of machine learning artificial intelligence (AI) technology by legal and corporate governance teams.

Regina explained that legal counsel are likely using machine learning AI in areas such as e-discovery and to assist with document reviews.

She noted the need to set up guardrails to prevent the misuse of AI, accidentally or otherwise, by company insiders or malevolent outsiders. She emphasizes that it would be risky for companies in heavily regulated industries to rely on AI in terms of accuracy and compliance.

Regina said that AI raises ethical issues. These include the potential for tools to reinforce bias and discrimination in areas such as recruitment, and fears that AI might manipulate human behavior.