Regina Sam Penti Examines Legal Issues Presented by Generative AI in MIT Ideas Made to Matter Publication

In The News
September 11, 2023

In an MIT Sloan School of Management’s Ideas Made to Matter article, IP transactions and technology partner Regina Sam Penti discussed the legal issues presented by generative artificial intelligence (AI), including novel legal questions about data use and how AI-generated content will be regulated.

Regina discussed the evolving litigation landscape around AI, including lawsuits about data use and privacy. Regina also discussed the unique challenges that the U.S. copyright and patent laws present to those seeking to protect creative works and inventions that rely on generative AI in the conception or creative process.

She also discussed ways that companies can mitigate these risks and challenges, including through training and sensitization exercise, internal policies and the creative use of contracts to protect innovations where the legal framework currently falls short.

“You should ensure they understand that just because something is out there for free doesn’t mean it’s free of rights,” said Regina.