Brien O’Connor Comments on Massachusetts’ Acting U.S. Attorney Joshua Levy’s Investigative Style in Bloomberg Law

In The News
February 28, 2024

In an article for Bloomberg Law, litigation & enforcement partner Brien O’Connor describes former colleague Josh Levy’s inclusive and thoughtful approach to his work.

“He is not going to be any form of bomb thrower with respect to poor practices in the health care space,” said Brien. “He’s going to want to study it, understand it.”

Brien added that Josh is a “tough competitor” who “likes to win when he decides something out to be won in a courtroom,” but he’s also effective at assessing a case’s weaknesses. “Is that something that maybe slows down the pace or lessens the volume of new cases that are charged in the district? Maybe.”

Josh Levy was a partner in the firm’s litigation & enforcement practice group for 17 years, serving as co-chair of the litigation and enforcement practice group, co-chair of the diversity, equity, and inclusion committee, and co-managing partner of the Boston office.