Amanda Persaud Discusses the Private Equity Fundraising Market in Law360

In The News
April 1, 2024

The largest private equity funds that closed during the first quarter showcased a steady increase in fundraising despite slowdown over the past two years.

Asset management partner Amanda Persaud recently commented on the market in a Law360 story. She said that “the first quarter of 2024 continues to be sluggish, but we are certainly seeing an uptick in fundraise activity compared to 2023. How quickly the industry picks up the pace of fundraising in the months to come continues to be intrinsically tied to the pace of capital deployment. As deployment increases, we expect corresponding fundraise strategies to see improvement."

Amanda noted that fundraising could continue to be more challenging for managers who are juggling assets across multiple fund strategies. "Investors can choose to be [the] picker in the current climate, which means more patience and creativity will be called for on the part of managers seeking to raise capital in 2024," she said.