Alex Rene and Anthony Biagioli Advise on Ways to Minimize FCPA Risk Through Corporate Policy and Culture

Time to Read: 1 minutes Practices: Administrative Litigation, Securities & Futures Enforcement, Government Enforcement / White Collar Criminal Defense

Washington, D.C.-based government enforcement partner Alex Rene and associate Anthony Biagioli wrote an article titled “Anti-Corruption: Minimizing FCPA Risk on Two Fronts: Through Corporate Policy and Corporate Culture” published in the Feb. 13 issue of Bloomberg Law Reports. In the article the authors explain how managing FCPA risk is as much about corporate culture as it is about corporate policy and also how companies can implement strategies to foster employee loyalty and internal reporting of violations.

In order to “win the war on both fronts” the authors write, “The ultimate lesson for businesses is that broad decisions that shape company culture – even seemingly fundamental ones, like the degree to which companies promote employee voice or supervision on a corporate reporting structure – can be relevant to the seemingly unrelated task of detecting potential FCPA violations.” To read the full text of the article click here.

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