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Special edition: Silicon Valley Bank UK - Update

Further to our alert of 12 March 2023, the Bank of England (BoE) announced in a statement today that it has exercised its resolution powers to sell Silicon Valley Bank UK Limited (SVB UK) to HSBC UK Bank Plc (HSBC), instead of proceeding with opening a bank insolvency procedure.

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European Restructuring & Distressed: Trends Past and Future

Time to Read: 1 minutes Practices: Business Restructuring

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In this article, we look back at European distressed debt, restructuring and leveraged finance trends in 2021 and share our thoughts on potential market developments in 2022. 

We also summarise key developments in English schemes of arrangement and restructuring plans and consider the European equivalents of these tools currently being introduced by EU member states, with a focus on the new frameworks in Germany, the Netherlands, France and Italy.

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