Navigating the FCPA “Resource Guide": Enforcement Trends and Compliance Tips

With last week’s long-awaited release of the SEC and DOJ’s 120-page “Resource Guide to the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act,” companies that do business overseas—or are considering overseas expansion—were given a glimpse into what will likely be the most prevalent FCPA enforcement theories in the coming years, as well as helpful guidance on the hallmarks of a successful corporate compliance program. Our panel of anti-corruption experts will discuss important takeaways from the FCPA Resource Guide, including:
• Who the government considers a “foreign official” within the scope of the FCPA;
• Important precautionary measures when engaging third parties overseas;
• Key considerations when giving gifts or paying entertainment and travel expenses for foreign officials;
• Discussion of the risks of FCPA successor liability following an acquisition; and
• The importance of thorough, well-documented due diligence.
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