Health Care Partner Conducts New York State Training Presentations on Behavioral Health Care Collaboratives

Practices: Health Care

Health care partner Brett Friedman (New York) conducted a June 1 webinar for New York State behavioral health providers and conducted live training presentations in New York City on June 1 and Long Island on June 14 titled, “Legal and Contracting Perspectives for Independent Provider Associations (IPAs), Accountable Care Organizations and Behavioral Health Care Collaboratives (BHHCs).”

The training presentations were conducted at the request of senior officials within the New York State Office of Mental Health and New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse, which asked Mr. Friedman to assist in this initiative based on his experience in advising behavioral health providers in transitioning to managed care and value-based payment methodologies.

The training presentations were designed to educate behavioral health providers on the compliance implications of participating in BHCCs. Sessions addressed the legal considerations in the formation of BHCCs, including the relationship between New York state guidance on BHCCs and existing laws and regulations governing the formation of traditional IPAs and managed care contracts.

Topics covered in the webinar and presentations also included corporate governance best practices, considerations for negotiation of IPA/BHCC participation provider agreements, fraud and abuse implications in structuring funds flows within BHCC networks, and data security and consent laws.

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