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In Chemical & Engineering News, Valerie Bonham Examines Foreign Influence in Federal Research

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An article published by Chemical & Engineering News examines China’s influence on federally funded U.S. research. Health care and life sciences counsel Valerie Bonham (Washington, D.C.) provides advice for scientists, including how they should work in the current environment and ensure that their ongoing collaborative relationships are properly reported to federal grant making agencies, such as the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation.

While the Trump administration’s China Initiative targets espionage, actual charges against academics have been primarily for grant fraud. That is the case with several scientists at U.S. academic research institutions who were charged with lying to federal agencies about money they received as part of China’s Thousand Talents program.

Valerie explains that scientists working on federal research grants should make sure that when they enter into a foreign collaboration, they are comfortable disclosing the terms to their universities, funding agencies, or law enforcement to avoid reporting problems.

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