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Fund Board Views Quotes Litigation Associate Jonathan Ference-Burke on 36(b) Case Obeslo v. Great-West Capital Mgmt

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The U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado awarded a victory to Great-West Capital Management in 36(b) case Obeslo v. Great-West Capital Mgmt., LLC, reported Fund Board Views. The article, published on Aug. 12 titled “Victory for Great-West in 36(b) case,” includes remarks from litigation associate Jonathan Ference-Burke on the ruling.

"Advisers and the defense bar have watched the Great-West case with curiosity for two reasons: It is a 'manager-of-managers' case, unlike most other cases decided recently, and it was brought by a firm with a lot of ERISA litigation experience," said Jonathan. "As with all other recent decisions, Judge Arguello firmly rejected the plaintiffs' theory and credited Great-West's board process," he told Fund Board Views.

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