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In and Law360, Marta Belcher Examines Cryptocurrency Enforcement Regulations and Decentralized Finance

Practices: Cryptocurrency, Intellectual Property, International IP/Tech Transactions, FinTech, Patent Strategy, Finance, Technology, Media & Telecommunications

In an extensive Q&A column and a Law360 article on the cryptocurrency 2021 outlook, blockchain and emerging technology attorney Marta Belcher (Silicon Valley) discussed key issues impacting decentralized finance and cryptocurrency enforcement regulations. 

Marta explains that regulators overemphasize the extent to which cryptocurrency is used for illicit activities, but ultimately, what crypto allows is to bring the anonymity of cash and civil liberties of cash into an online world. 

She predicted that regulatory agencies will crack down on people being able to transact anonymously online through cryptocurrency and push to require users to record transactions so they're accessible to the government.

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