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In Financial Times Ignites, Ed McNicholas Examines SEC Proposal Adding Cybersecurity to ESG Investing Disclosure Requirements

Practices: Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity, Business & Commercial Litigation, Regulatory Enforcement & Civil Litigation, Incident Response and Preparedness, Privacy & Cybersecurity Compliance and Counseling, Technology, Media & Telecommunications

In a Financial Times Ignites article, data, privacy & cybersecurity partner and co-head Ed McNicholas (Washington, D.C.) discussed a new Securities and Exchange Commission proposal that would add cybersecurity to the commission’s environmental, social and governance investing disclosure requirements. 

Ed explains that firms may have a hard time identifying certain types of cybersecurity incidents. The SEC proposal will force the discussion between a firm’s computer forensics, information technology and legal teams and move that discussion up to senior management and to the board level.

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