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Corporate Compliance is Both a Legal and Human Challenge

Practices: Analytics & Behavioral Science Consulting (R&G Insights Lab), Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity

Zachary “Zach” Coseglia, co-founder and managing principal of R&G Insights Lab, describes his journey toward human-centered and data-driven compliance in a leading compliance industry article. “There’s a growing contingent of professionals that, like me, see compliance as a human challenge, not an exclusively legal one,” said Zach. “Compliance is about people and leadership and behaviors…the systems and structures that influence human decision making.”

A veteran litigator, Zach believes compliance programs are too often designed to make sense to lawyers and compliance officers but not the broader population of employees. “When materials provided by compliance becomes an exercise in covering all bases and checking the box for regulatory purposes, the vital guidance that the business needs can be lost in the mix,” said Zach. 

Recognizing that compliance is not an exclusively legal, regulatory, and enforcement exercise also means that lawyers or other traditional risk professionals may not be the solution to compliance problems. “Data-driven compliance, like human-centered compliance, is a multidimensional concept.”

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