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Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity Attorneys Examine Comprehensive Privacy Laws in BloombergLaw

Practices: Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity

Beginning on July 1, 2023, comprehensive privacy laws will go into operation in Connecticut and Colorado, further expanding the scope of the privacy requirements applicable to many businesses. Data, privacy & cybersecurity counsel Kevin Angle and associate Matthew Cin co-authored the BloombergLaw article outlining new changes to the state laws.

The Connecticut Data Privacy Act (CDPA) and the Colorado Privacy Act (CPA) include requirements similar to California’s privacy laws, but they go beyond the standards set in California by requiring that businesses conduct written assessments of high-risk data processing and obtain opt-in consent for the processing of certain “sensitive” data. Several key exceptions to the laws’ respective scopes may apply, however, so businesses should carefully assess each law’s applicability to their operations.

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