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Podcast: On the Ropes: Enforcement Risk Roundtable—Argentina’s Foreign Exchange Controls and the Regulatory Risk to Companies in Argentina

In this edition of Ropes & Gray’s podcast series On the Ropes: Enforcement Risk Roundtable, litigation & enforcement partner María González Calvet and counsel Jessica Soto are joined by Fred Gebauer, a partner in Ernst & Young’s forensics practice, Kristiana Bankova, a senior manager with Ernst & Young’s forensics practice, and Andrés O´Farrell of Marval O´Farrell Mairal, to discuss the unique currency market and controls in Argentina, the risks presented by these regulations, and key considerations for companies that conduct business in Argentina.

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Enforcement Express

Enforcement Express

Podcast: On the Ropes: Enforcement Risk Roundtable Introduction

Practices: Anti-Corruption / International Risk, Government Enforcement / White Collar Criminal Defense, Litigation, Global Fraud Task Force

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María CalvetMaría González Calvet: Welcome to On the Ropes: Enforcement Risk Roundtable, a Ropes & Gray podcast series focused on global anti-corruption and international risk. I'm María González Calvet, a litigation & enforcement partner and co-chair of the firm’s anti-corruption and international risk practice and its Latin America initiative. I’m joined by my colleague, Andy Dale, who is also a litigation & enforcement partner and a co-chair of the firm’s pro bono committee. In conjunction with this new podcast series, we’re also excited to announce the launch of our new initiative, called the Enforcement Express: A Guided Tour of Global Risk, with episodes hosted by our colleagues around the globe, like Andy, who joins us from Hong Kong today.

Andy Dale:Andy Dale: That’s right, María. During our series, members of Ropes & Gray’s award winning team will speak with professionals in the anti-corruption and international risk compliance space working and specializing in particular jurisdictions. Through these conversations, we hope to provide key insights and takeaways for that jurisdiction that you can use for your own business and practice. Whenever possible, we are also going to record our podcasts in the local language—as several of our team members are multilingual—and offer transcripts in English. All of this content will be housed on our user-friendly webpage at www.ropesgray.com/enforcementexpress. There, you will be able to access our On the Ropes: Enforcement Risk Roundtable podcasts, as well as other interactive features that we are working on, such as a map where you can “follow the tour” together with other helpful links and materials. As we progress through the tour, we welcome any feedback or suggestions for jurisdictions, or specific topics you would like us to cover. Please contact us at express@ropesgray.com. Back to María.

María González Calvet: Thanks, Andy. And thank you to our listeners. Stay tuned for our first episode, which will feature two Brazilian anti-corruption enforcement officials, Marcelo Ribeiro de Oliveira and Ricardo Wagner de Araújo. Marcelo and Ricardo will provide their perspectives on the fight against corruption in Brazil. In the meantime, you can subscribe to this series wherever you regularly listen to podcasts, including on AppleGoogle and Spotify. Thanks again for listening, and we’ll see you on the next stop of the Enforcement Express.

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