Corporate Trust

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A trusted advisor to fiduciaries and agents in large and complex default and insolvency situations.


Our business restructuring attorneys regularly represent numerous financial institutions as indenture trustee or loan agent in default and insolvency situations both domestically and internationally. The borrowings under loans for which our clients act as administrative and/or collateral agent total in the billions. In addition, our indenture trustee clients in the United States generally serve on creditors’ committees formed in the largest and most complex cases, such as

  • Wilmington Trust, N.A. in In re MPM Silicones, Inc. (Momentive), In re Radioshack, Inc., In re Walter Energy, and In re Dynegy Holdings, LLC, with respect to the issuances of billions in bonds.
  • Delaware Trust Company in In re Energy Futures Holding Inc., In re Molycorp. Inc., and In re Quicksilver with respect to issuances of billions in bonds.
  • Deutsch Bank Trust Company Americas in In re AES Eastern Energy, with respect to the issuance of $550 million of sale-leaseback debt and other international insolvency proceedings and workouts including Winsway Enterprises Holdings Limited (Hong Kong/British Virgin Islands), Abengoa Finance (Spain), and Takefuji (Japan).

Our business and restructuring lawyers have represented indenture trustees in dozens of litigation and insolvency matters of critical importance to fiduciaries. We also counsel indenture trustees in large international insolvency proceedings in Asia and Europe.

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