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Ropes & Gray’s dedicated e-discovery team helps clients understand the complexities, anticipate the challenges and manage the process of e-discovery. Our disciplined approach provides clients with cost-effective strategies and solutions.


Ropes & Gray has a dedicated e-discovery team consisting of e-discovery counsel, three discovery attorneys, and over 20 litigation technology professionals. Our team focuses its practice on the wide spectrum of e-discovery concerns, from information management to production of data.

Design Practical Preservation Solutions

Our approach to preservation is a proportionate one, designed to rein in the high costs of excessive preservation while meeting our clients’ legal obligations in a cost-effective and defensible manner by leveraging internal assets and zeroing in on the needs of each case.

Orchestrate Technology-Assisted Review Workflows

Our multidisciplinary team of attorneys and litigation technology professionals has worked with various technologically advanced e-discovery platforms to develop innovative solutions to the high costs of document review and production. Our team has implemented these new and emerging tools and strategies to successfully, where appropriate, improve upon the pace of document review.

Manage and Conduct Complex Document Reviews

Our document review teams are integrated, working with vendors and our clients to develop the most appropriate solution for each particular case. In addition to being skilled litigators, our e–discovery attorneys are familiar with numerous vendor tools, enabling our team to proactively design the most effective approach to hosting and staffing each project.

Our emphasis on core principles of project management mean that cost and quality control are consistently monitored and evaluated in order to ensure that our project plans are executed successfully, and improved upon throughout the life cycle of each project.

Leverage Intellectual Property Model Orders

In addition to new technologies available to decrease the costs of all document reviews, our team has decreased the scope and cost of discovery for intellectual property matters by leveraging the opportunities presented by the Federal Circuit Advisory Council’s Model E-Discovery Order, which promulgated a model rule for patent cases to streamline e-discovery, particularly email collection, review and production.

Practical Approaches to Information Management

We have assisted clients in developing policies and plans to coordinate our clients’ business needs, infrastructure, legal and regulatory obligations in order to effectively manage multiple data sources and business processes across numerous offices.

Rapid and Surgical Response to Data Breaches

We have represented companies in connection with possible data intrusion issues. These matters typically require immediate mobilization to quickly preserve and collect transient and dispersed quantities of data. Our e-discovery team has hands-on experience in the urgent technological attention these matters require.

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