Strategic Licensing Programs

Ropes & Gray attorneys provide superior guidance when companies need to realize the full value of their worldwide IP assets.


“Collaboration between the firm's corporate and intellectual property groups is one component of Ropes’s industry practice that one client finds ‘crucial to why we hired them.’” LMG Life Sciences
“They had an understanding of our issues and I found the guidance excellent.” IP Client, Chambers USA
“We are very pleased with the quality of work and responsiveness of the IP group at Ropes. Their experience and attention to detail are major factors.” IP Client, Chambers USA


Clients with extensive IP portfolios work with Ropes & Gray to determine the value of their IP assets and to develop new commercial opportunities for those assets.

Drawing upon our extensive patent, trademark, corporate, litigation and regulatory resources, we provide strategic guidance to companies in a wide variety of manufacturing, biomedical, technology and service industries. We offer companies seeking new commercial arrangements for their existing intellectual property advice about strategic deployment and management of IP assets in markets around the world.

Our advice includes: 

  • Examination of existing IP assets to identify those with the highest values 
  • Setting priorities for those IP assets with the greatest potential for commercial applications

IP monetization helps companies leverage their existing IP assets to help finance development of new technologies and intellectual property. Our attorneys advise companies on maximizing revenue from their existing patents, trademarks and other intellectual property through alliances, development, and marketing collaborations in which IP assets are material to the transaction. We help clients monetize their IP assets by selling or licensing those assets, helping to ensure that our clients generate more revenue and reduce costs.

We help our clients with: 

  • Arranging for advantageous sales of patented technologies 
  • Negotiation and drafting of trademark and copyright licenses 
  • Establishing brand and media licensing programs 
  • Creation of software or data licensing initiatives for multiple distribution channels


We work with companies engaged in a wide range of industries, from basic manufacturing to high technology. Many of our IP attorneys and technical advisors hold advanced engineering and science degrees and have extensive business experience, allowing us to offer comprehensive commercial guidance in every industry including:

  • Electronics 
  • Consumer branded products 
  • Media and publishing 
  • Semiconductors 
  • Telecommunications 
  • Engineering 
  • Biotechnology 
  • Computer systems 
  • E-commerce 
  • Pharmaceutical 
  • Medical devices
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