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Ropes & Gray attorneys continually provide informed perspective on global, regional, industry-specific and practice-focused legal issues. Use the links below to access our current and recent insights. 

Brexit BrexitOur team of Ropes & Gray attorneys is ready to collaborate with clients to identify the key implications of Brexit and advise on the potential risks and opportunities for your business. We have established a global Brexit focus group that is focused on monitoring the progress of the Brexit negotiations and assess the potential implications for our clients worldwide. Learn more.
New-Administration Capital Insights - The election of Donald J. Trump as the next U.S. President creates the potential for significant regulatory changes emanating from Washington D.C. On this site, Ropes & Gray offers its insights into some of the most noteworhty issues. Learn more.
Supply-Chain CSR and Supply Chain Compliance - Ropes & Gray has a leading supply chain compliance and corporate social responsibility practice. With a global presence we are able to help clients efficiently and effectively structure and implement their supply chain compliance and CSR programs and mitigate risk. Learn more.
Tax-image Disputing Tax: Quarterly Insights - Ropes & Gray has extensive experience working on all stages of complex, high-stakes tax disputes from the IRS examination and appeals levels to the U.S. Tax, District and Appeals Courts, Court of Federal Claims, as well as on all stages of state tax disputes.  Learn more.
GDPR General Data Protection Regulation - Our team of Ropes & Gray attorneys is ready to collaborate with clients to understand the key implications of the GDPR and advise on how to navigate its implementation. Learn more.
Blog-image Gray Matters: Quarterly InsightsThe Gray Matters blog affords in-house attorneys, clients and compliance professionals the opportunity to access thought leadership, summaries and commentary by experienced practitioners with hands-on experience addressing a range of issues affecting regulatory and compliance practices across key industries and jurisdictions. Learn more.
HIPAA HIPAA Audits Resource CenterThe microsite offers in-depth resources to help organizations with all aspects of HIPAA audits, and covers identifying and assessing risks related to the HIPAA Security Rule and OCR audit program, responding to HIPAA security rule audits and enforcement actions, and developing corrective action programs. Learn more.
POD Physician-Owned Distributors - At Ropes & Gray's information hub-Physician-Owned Distributors and the Law-we provide up-to-date information on legislative, regulatory, judicial, and industry developments to help clients navigate risk and challenges. Learn more.
Value-based-health-care Value-Based Health Care - An online hub for articles, webinars, research materials and other valuable resources dedicated to value-based health care, all organized by industry segments and topics. Learn more.