“Evaluating Your Information Security Program: Asset Management Firms” Webinar

February 7, 2014 – February 3, 2014

Asset managers have the potential to hold many pieces of sensitive information, including information regarding clients, fund investors, and portfolio holdings. In addition, asset managers work with a variety of service providers who have access to this sensitive information or hold sensitive information on behalf of asset managers and their clients. In light of the SEC’s recent statements that it will be focusing, as part of its exam program, on asset managers’ policies to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks, as well as on asset managers’ oversight of their vendors who have access to asset managers’ sensitive information, now is the time to evaluate and refresh your current information security program.

Ropes & Gray’s data privacy and security team is widely recognized as a leader in handling the challenges that data and data breaches can present. Join us as we discuss the practical steps you can take to:
• update policies and procedures regarding information security;
• develop and test incident response plans;
• establish a practice of diligencing your service providers’ information security programs; and
• prepare to respond to regulators’ questions regarding your information security program.


Jason E. Brown

James S. Degraw

Elizabeth J. Reza

For further information please email: Rgevents@ropesgray.com