Fight the Patent Trolls in 2014: Tactical & Practical Issues

February 10, 2014


James Batchelder managing partner of the firm’s Silicon Valley office will be a panelist at Fight the Patent Trolls in 2014: Tactical & Practical Issues.

In a two hour live webcast, a panel of thought leaders and practitioners assembled by The Knowledge Group will discuss the significant and latest issues on how to fight patent trolls tactically and practically including:

- Identifying patent trolls
- Attacking patent trolls assertions
- Practical considerations for litigating patent troll cases
- Injunctive relief for patent trolls
- Monetary remedies for patent trolls
- Recent trends, including high profile patent troll cases (e.g.,
- Best practices to beat patent trolls at their own game
- Up-to-minute regulatory updates

Fighting Against Patent Trolls: Tactical & Practical Issues LIVE Webcast is a must attend for attorneys and other professionals interested in and/or responsible for fighting against patent trolls.