Webinar: EU Regulation - Hot Topics for U.S. Managers

July 30, 2019

The European regulatory landscape is evolving. Whether you have a presence in the EU or are marketing products there, regulators will expect fund managers to be aware of the relevant regulations. It’s therefore critical that you consider how these rules impact your business and implement effective policies and procedure to comply.

In this webinar we will discuss several topical themes, which will have a focus on marketing products in the EU, Brexit and substance, disclosure and transparency issues, the regulators’ continued focus on individual accountability and the extra territoriality of these rules on US managers. We will also highlight future regulatory developments which will be relevant for your businesses to ensure these are on your watch list.

Joel Wattenbarger, a regulatory partner in our US asset management practice, will chair the discussion with our EU regulatory experts, Eve Ellis and Kirsten Lapham.