Data-Driven and Human-Centered Approaches to Risk Management

August 13, 2020

Watch a recording of our discussion about infusing analytics
into a company’s compliance and risk management program

Analytics has begun to transform how organizations approach risk management—and how compliance officers design and resource their corporate integrity programs. The opportunities are wide-ranging, from using analytics to identify previously undetectable risks to taking a more data-driven approach to measuring programmatic effectiveness. Put simply, analytics is increasingly a core component of an effective compliance program. Many organizations struggle, however, to turn the hype into practical, actionable and fit-for-purpose solutions. 

To examine the benefits of a behavioral science approach, R&G Insights Lab hosted an interactive discussion about how to infuse analytics into a company’s compliance program—and what it means to take a human-centered approach to risk management. The program covered:

  • The opportunities for analytics in compliance and risk management
  • How to strategically tackle implementation
  • How to measure the success of a compliance program
  • The meaning of human-centered compliance

This is the first in a three-part series designed to introduce you to how analytics and behavioral science can take your business and operations to the next level.


  • Zach Coseglia 
    Managing Principal and Head of Innovation
  • Alex Rene
  • Amanda Raad

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