In Licensing Journal, Attorneys Examine NCAA Student-Athlete “Right of Publicity” Proposal

In The News
January 22, 2021

To address student–athlete com­pensation issues, the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Council approved and introduced a pro­posal that would allow student–athletes, under certain circumstances, to profit off of the exploitation of their names, images, and likenesses, sometimes known as the “right of publicity.” 

In a Licensing Journal article, sports industry initiative attorneys examined the activities and considerations permitted for student-athletes in the NCAA proposal. The authors note that despite the continued activity on NIL issues, they expect the NCAA to hold its position on ama­teurism for most other issues. 

The article was authored by litigation & enforcement partner and head of the firm’s sports industry initiative Chris Conniff, IP litigation counsel Evan Gourvitz (all of New York) and asset management associate Chidi Oteh (Boston).