Ropes & Gray and R&G Insights Lab Write About How Racial Equity Audits Can Bridge the Gap Between Words and Actions, in The New York Law Journal

In The News
March 24, 2022

Closing the gap between well-meaning diversity efforts and true equity and inclusion is difficult, and Racial Equity Audits have emerged as a promising method for addressing shortcomings in DEI. A team of Ropes & Gray attorneys and a behavioral scientist from R&G Insights Lab addressed how Racial Equity Audits can help companies, investors and clients advance DEI efforts, in The New York Law Journal. Their article outlined the key elements of an effective Racial Equity Audit. The authors write:  

“Racial Equity Audits are a step in the right direction toward creating accountability between values and outcomes. Audits help identify the unconscious ways in which individual actions adversely affect diversity in the workplace, while facilitating opportunities to consciously combat such behaviors. Indeed, the benefits are twofold: not only do Racial Equity Audits provide deep insights into the operations of the organization, these audits can serve as a starting point from which organizations can make much needed changes.” 

Ropes & Gray and R&G Insights Lab, are positioned to advise clients on Racial Equity Audits. Our firm combines the talents and experience of industry-leading lawyers, who have deep experience advising clients on complex and highly sensitive issues, with a team of behavioral scientists and data analysts who take a human-centered and data-driven approach to DEI. 

Authors of The New York Law Journal article included litigation & enforcement partner Alex Rene, partner and ESG, CSR and business & human rights practice chair Michael Littenberg and senior Lab consultant and behavioral scientist Caitlin Handron.