IP Master Class: Global Patent Wars: Patent Disputes Litigation in Multiple Countries

Practices: Intellectual Property

Are you and your clients prepared for international patent warfare where the participants, systems and forums are located in multiple countries?  The trends not only impact patent litigators, but also profoundly change patent portfolio strategy, outsourcing, and international dispersion of resources.  Have you been reading about the details and analyzed the strategic implications of the Blackberry and Viagra patent disputes?  These types of disputes are increasing in number and complexity, and you need to hear the perspectives of experienced advocates.  Globalization of the world's economy is resulting in the globalization of patent litigation.  No longer are disputes confined to one country.  Instead, litigants often find themselves in a tangle of patent lawsuits in multiple countries involving essentially the same subject matter.  These disputes can entail 24/7 coordination and fighting under subtly and radically different legal regimes with different substantive laws and different procedures.  Victories, losses, evidence, and discovery in one country rapidly impact the lawsuits in the other countries.  In today's presentation, an American trial lawyer and a British solicitor advocate offer their views on how to help clients survive and prosper in this growing age of global patent disputes.

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